PONY CARRIAGE (petit Victoria type) for WEDDING / PHOTO WEDDING and Sightseeing atKARUIZWA, NAGANO, JAPAN

About our pony and carriage

"Victoria" was a style of carriage developed in France, middle of 18 Century. And was used for mainly personal outing of noble ladies.
This is a pony size version of Victoria; shows boat bottom shape of body, different diameters of front/rear wheels, "crane neck" shape of wheel arch and curved fenders.
The pony is named "OHAGI (a kind of traditional Japanese sweet)". His weight is about 200kg, left eye is blue. He is small but very powerful.

Both for sightseeing and wedding / photo wedding, parade on public road is possible. Average speed is 3.5-4.0lm/h.

The carriage will be driven anywhere as you want to go (except steep slope, gravel path and narrow and busy road).
Coachman can drive both by sitting on carriage and by walk nearby pony for better angles of photo shooting as "without coachman like".
Bride and groom can drive pony by holding lines(reins) with walking coachman's assistance.

When driving by walk nearby pony style,
"One adult and one child" or "two children" can ride front seat.
"Two adults" or "one adult and two children" can ride rear seat.

For parade, wedding and photo wedding etc., the carriage will be decorated by any flowers whatever you like.

Basic Fare is;
JPY 2000(include tax)/some 10 minutes (from 20min)
*please see following chart!

Driving Naka-Karuizawa area

When driving start from and return to Naka-Karuizawa station, no transport expenses is required.
But One way extra is required.One way extra is add 50% to basic fare (total 150% of basic fare).
Sample course;
* From Naka-Karuizawa St. to Yukawa Furusato park (gate of playland area), and back to Naka-Karuizawa St. by another route:About 40min.

* From Naka-Karuizawa St.to Karuizawa St.:About 90 min (One way).

* From Naka-Karuizawa St.to Rotary of Kyu-Karuizawa.:About 60 min (One way).

Not from / to Naka-Karuizawa St.

By your subvention of  transport expenses, we run our carriage all around Kantoh and Chubu area.


In Area of Karuizawa town, please bear toll car park (for both tractor and trailer) if it will be needed.

Outside of Karuizawa town,please bear;toll car park (for both tractor and trailer) if it will be needed, JPY 100 for one km from / to Naka-Karuizawa St. and cost for toll road fee.



Fare, one-way extra and transport expenses

* Fares may change without prior notice.
* In the case of cancellation by customer's reason(include weather judgment), a half of  Fare will be charged for after departing of mews, full of Fare will be charged for after starting use.
* In the case of cancellation by troubles on driver/pony/carriage, we will return Fare depending on the "out of service" time as our full responsibility.
* We shall pay attention to safety measures, but we assumes no responsibility in case an accident.

* One way extra is required.One way extra is add 50% to basic fare (total 150% of basic fare).

* Toll car park (for both tractor and trailer)is required  if it will be needed.

* JPY 100 for one km of go and return from / to Naka-Karuizawa St.calculated by "NAVITIME"https://www.navitime.co.jp/.

* Cost for toll road fee of go and return calculated by "NAVITIME"https://www.navitime.co.jp/.


If carriage run 3 hours nearby The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office(173.6km from Naka-Karuizawa St.), JPY 28000 as fare, JPY43060 toll car park fee is needed as transport expenses.


JPY 4000  some 20 min
JPY 6000  some 30 min
JPY 8000  some 40 min
JPY 10000  some 50 min
JPY 12000  some 60 min
JPY 16000  some 90 min
JPY 20000  some 2 hours
JPY 28000  some 3 hours
JPY 50000  some 6 hours
Add 50 of above  as one way extra

JPY 2000


for "Formal"set
White year net and white feather plume for pony,

small bouquets of imitation rose for carriage (not shown),

and formal dress for coachman.